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Welcome to "Born To Be Champions!" and The Parker AdvoCare Team!  This page is designed to help you lay the foundation for your AdvoCare business.

 By following the key steps below, you will be able to get your AdvoCare business started quickly and effectively. All 4 steps can be done in 1 day! Remember, your Sponsor and other upline leaders work for YOU and will assist you in every phase of developing your business if you seek them out! 

1) Get On the Products & Package Your Story

2) Get To Advisor As Quickly as Possible

3) Make a List of People to Help (Health List · Income List)

4) Put Your Sponsor/Leader in Front of Your Prospects

Additional AdvoCare Distributor Training

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Conference Calls/ Audio
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Jenny Donnelly on AdvoCare Product Training

Mike Ferro on Building Relationships with Personal Trainers

USA Wrestling Hall of Fame Coach Joe Seay endorses Advocare as a Training Must!!

USA Wrestling Olympic Silver Medalist Sammy Henson on Advocare



AdvoCare Basic Training

AdvoCare Opportunites for Personal Trainers

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